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Vision Statement: The Christian Medical College, Vellore, seeks to be a witness to the healing ministry of Christ, through excellence in education, service and research

Help People Beat Cancer

We can cure Cancer

Thousands of people come to CMC seeking treatment for Cancer. With expert care many of them will continue to live healthy, happy lives for many years to come.

Advanced radiation machines can pinpoint and annihilate tumors without minimal side effects. Chemotherapy advances at breathtaking speed offering a more personalised treatment.

Baby Shaheed

a child with a dressing on his neck supported by CMC

One-year old Shaheed*, from a small village in Jharkhand, had a high fever for 15 days. His family noticed a swelling in front of his ears. They rushed him to a local doctor but the swellings kept growing. Finally, to their dismay, baby Shaheed had a blood test which showed something was seriously wrong. Doctors in Ranchi gave them some shocking news. His parents were devastated.

How can a fever turn out to be cancer?” they cried.

They came to CMC Vellore, desperate to save Shaheed’s life.

Shaheed was diagnosed with blood and bone marrow cancer (ALL). Chemotherapy was started at once. Scared of injections, the poor little boy holds on to his mother tightly. Through the pain, his family surrounds him with love – for Shaheed is their only child.

They have used up every last paisa to come to CMC. Our social workers helped them apply for grants to pay for Shaheed’s treatment. Right now, Shaheed is stable and responding well to treatment. Please pray for him and his family.

Reach out to anyone you know who has cancer.

Give them a call or a hug.

Cancer is not a death sentence.

Raji Amma

Raji Amma

66 years old and single, Raji Amma* is a cancer survivor. For the last three years, she used to come to CMC regularly to keep her hypertension and diabetes under control. One day she felt unusually tired. It did not get better. When she got herself checked, she was found to have colorectal cancer.

Raji Amma was shattered when she heard this.

I knew I cannot afford the treatment. But I also knew I might not make it without it” She said later.

Knowing she needed financial support, CMC wrote off a major part of the surgery and treatment costs. Today Raji Amma is grateful! She is alive and well. Life is back to normal.

Baby Shaheed’s family and Raji Amma could never have afforded their medicines and treatment. We need your support to help more deserving people like them.

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*Names changed