Christian Medical College Vellore

Not to be ministered unto but to minister

Vision Statement: The Christian Medical College, Vellore, seeks to be a witness to the healing ministry of Christ, through excellence in education, service and research

CMC Vellore Chittoor Campus


CMC Vellore Chittoor In Brief

Operating Theatre in Chittoor campus
Four excellent operating theatres are well used.

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Christian Medical College Vellore’s largest campus is in Chittoor District. It is around 29 km from the main CMC Vellore hospital, across the Tamil Nadu border in southern Andhra Pradesh. There are two tracts of land totalling around 640 acres.

Outpatient services started there in 2011, in the larger, North Campus. Since then a lot has happened. Now, this campus has

  • A 130-bedded, secondary level, hospital with
  • Four State-of-the-Art operating theatres
  • Maternity services – with antenatal care, a labour room and nursery for the new born babies.
  • Accident and Emergency services open all hours every day
  • Investigations including laboratory tests and Xrays.
  • On-site Pharmacy – with medicines for inpatients and outpatients
  • A nursing School – with a BSc in Nursing

Community Services at Chittoor

Community Health services now reach out into the rural area around the hospital. The community team has several clinics in the villages each week. Here, the staff go to the patients, so the patients do not need to travel to the hospital for routine checks. Obviously, the team can refer patients back to the hospital as needed. But much can be managed in the community itself.

comunity nurses vising a mother and child fin their village. the nurses come from the CMC Vellore Chittoor hospital
Community Nurses visit a Mother and Child in their Village, Chittoor district.

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Dental Care at Chittoor

The Dental Health team at Chittoor see patients both in the hospital and in the Community. They provide both treatment and prevention.

In Chittoor they

  • See and treat both children and adults.
  • Provide crowns, bridges, dentures etc
  • Do minor oral surgery
  • Treat patients after accidents
  • Cancer screening & treatment
  • Community based care in the villages

Examining a mans mouth in the dental chair at CMC Vellore Chittoor
The dentists see adults and children. The equipment at Chittoor means they can also treat them in Chittoor.

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Training at Chittoor

The Chittoor Campus Nursing College started in 2019 and so the first 50 students were selected for the BSc in Nursing in November 2019. There are also various Allied Health courses offered at Chittoor. In June 2020 the courses include:

  • BSc Nursing
  • Diploma Anaesthesia Technology
  • Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Diploma Hospital Sterilisation Technology
  • Diploma in Optometry

Nurses waiting outside the new college of nursing in CMC Vellore chittoor
Dedication of the new college of nursing in CMC Vellore Chittoor, in Andhra Pradesh

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Can You Help the Chittoor Hospital?

The hospital is growing fast and so we need grants and donations for capital projects. We also want to be able to give subsidised care for those who can’t afford the cost of their treatment.

Chittoor is one of the most deprived districts of Andhra Pradesh and the hospital caters mainly to the rural population and the townsfolk of Chittoor. This means that large numbers of patients cannot afford to pay the full cost for their treatment. But you can help us to bridge the gap for those who cannot afford it by donating to CMC Vellore Chittoor.

The key areas where we need your help now include:

Outpatient Clinic Rooms

Solar Energy Generating System

College of Nursing Building

Community Welfare Programs around Chittoor district.

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