Not to be ministered unto but to minister


Vision Statement: The Christian Medical College, Vellore, seeks to be a witness to the healing ministry of Christ, through excellence in education, service and research


With the pandemic sweeping the world, CMC Vellore is committed to serving and caring for our patients. We are preparing our staff and scaling up our services to care for our patients with our best professional care. In this unprecedented crisis, we seek your prayers and good wishes. We need your support to face the challenges that lie ahead of us. Don’t panic, wash your hands and donate now!

Ways YOU can help in this emergency

Patient Care: Our patients will need expert care, medicines and diagnostic tests. Your ₹4,500/- can get a patient tested and prevent further infections. ₹10,000/- will help us to provide medicines and nursing care.

Refurbish our Critical Care facilities: We are urgently setting up 139 beds in our upcoming Orthopedic block. We will accelerate and complete this in the coming weeks to face the expected surge. Support a Fully Equipped General Bed @ ₹7 lakhs or Critical Care Beds @ 25 lakhs (level 2) or @ 30 lakhs (level 3).

A ny amount is helpful for this worthy cause. Medical Professionals are at the frontline of the fight against Covid-19. We need masks, gloves and protection for our dedicated doctors, nurses and allied-health professionals. Companies can donate CSR funds towards this urgent need. Individual donations are eligible for income tax relief under S.80G. Help us to save precious lives.

You can help us by remaining healthy and safe. Follow government advice on staying home, frequent handwashing and keeping physically separated as much as possible. While isolated in our homes, let us support our medical staff. And please pray for us and for each other.